Haemtrack v2 launches on 15th February 2018.


What’s included?

Haemtrack the most successful system of its type in the world, with over 1.3 million treatments entered by patients, is being been made even better.  The new web-based application delivers all the functionality of the existing version and in addition we have listened to feedback from users to add a number of key enhancements:-

    • We have simplified and improved user experience. No matter what device you use to access Haemtrack, page layout adapts to make the best use of screen size, on pc, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.
    • Users can now unlock their Haemtrack account online without needing to contact mdsas support. Logging in to the system for the first time, you will be guided through a process to set a memorable passphrase to enable you to do this.
    • As a clinician, you can now easily manage and review all your patients’ treatment diaries using a mobile device e.g. tablet or phone
    • As a clinician, you can easily identify and review any images submitted by patients using the newly revised patient dashboard overview, which alerts you in real-time to new images submitted by patients.
    • As a patient, you can quickly and simply attach images to your treatment entries using your mobile device camera or pc.
    • As a parent, you can now manage treatment entry for all your children online through a single mobile device, speeding up and simplifying the entry of treatments for multiple children.
    • Whilst in hospital, any treatment given can now be recorded in Haemtrack as an in-patient episode
    • Haemtrack is now compatible with multiple language translations, simplifying access for non-English speaking users.

What this means for you as a user?

When you log in to the Haemtrack website on or after 15th February, you will automatically be taken to the new version. Login details for existing users will not change and the registration process for new users also remains the same.

Unlocking user accounts

The first time you log into Haemtrack v2, you will be asked to select a favourite question and enter your related answer.

For patients, you can then use this in future to be able to unlock your account without having to contact MDSAS support.

As a clinician, this will be used to provide extra security for patient data when logging into Haemtrack, where you will be asked to enter both your password and the answer to the question you selected.

Help us make Haemtrack the best it can be!

With any launch of a completely new system there may be unforeseen glitches that need to be fixed. Your help in flagging any such issues to us should you experience any is very much appreciated. You can contact us by email at support@mdsas.com or by phone on 0161 277 7917.

Queries and Feedback

If you have any queries or feedback about the new application, please let us know via support@mdsas.com. Thank you for your support in making Haemtrack the most successful system of its type in the world.