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  • Treatment Diary

    Patients can record a diary of their therapy whilst on the move using Haemtrack Android and iPhone Apps

  • Video Consultation

    Video consultations within Haemtrack are now available between clinicians and patients meaning less visits to hospital

  • Product Bar Codes

    Patients can scan their treatment product barcodes directly into Haemtrack, saving data entry time and improving the accuracy of entries

  • Clinical Review

    Patient diary entries are available in real-time to clinicians. Clinicians can review diary entries together with patients during clinical review

  • Clinical Studies

    Patients can participate and be enrolled onto clinical studies directly through Haemtrack


What is Haemtrack?

Haemtrack is a secure therapy recording system developed by MDSAS connecting patients and clinicians through the Haemtrack phone apps or the Haemtrack website. It enables patients to record all therapies as they occur and it allows clinicians to see up-to-date therapy information to help monitor, optimise and improve patient care. Haemtrack has been enormously successful with over 700,000 patient entries recorded

  • Clinical Studies

  • Haemtrack can and is being used to support data collection for clinical studies. This simplifies participation in studies for both Treatment Centres and Patients as they do not have to use additional systems.

  • Mobile Apps

  • Haemtrack is available for patients on IPhone and Android smartphones. The phone apps allow patients to record therapies as they happen and do not require a mobile data connection to record therapy.

  • Barcode Scanning

  • Patients can use the Haemtrack mobile apps to scan product barcodes to automate entry of product details. This speeds up data entry whilst also improving the accuracy of the information entered.

Ongoing Development – New functionality is in development, including the ability for Care Networks to have shared access to Haemtrack patient records and the ability for patients to attach pictures to their diary entries. Haemtrack is now also being developed for use in other clinical disciplines including Immunology, Burns and Spinal injury. If you would like to use the Haemtrack system for a specific clinical discipline or study please contact us using the details below

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